Deceased Employees
This page lists those Litton DSD employees who are deceased and are being
remembered by their friends. The listing is sorted by Last and First Name.
Highlighted Names link to Obituary information in PDF and JPG format.
This listing is based on the best information available and if you know
of any corrections we would appreciate your assistance.
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Bruce Macdonald Marketing 1999
Richard L Mackenzie Contracts / Pricing 2015
Robert S Macmillan Engineering 2009
Bob Manning Advanced Programs
Thomas A Martell Program Management 2007
Marilyn Martin Lubbock Facility 1984
Louis Martinez Integrated Logistics Spt 2009
Joe Mathies Engineering 1964
Larry Matonak Reliability
Jack McAndrew Mississippi 2010
Thomas McAusland Business Development 2011
Richard McCorkle Engineering 2006
Jim McCracken Engineering
Sandy McCutchen Quality Assurance 1989
Frank McGonigal Engineering 2006
William McLean Engineering 2008
Sam Merchant Engineering 1970
William Merryfield Business Development 2008
Doris A Michael Lubbock Facility 1983
Don Miller Engineering
Gilbert E Miller Engineering 2006
Wilma I Miller Lubbock Facility 1986
William Mills Integrated Logistics Spt 2000
James Mitchell Engineering 1990
Earl Moore Operations
John Moravcik Information Systems 2003
Barbara A Morgan Lubbock Facility 2006
Charles L Morris Lubbock Facility 1989
John Mueller Engineering 1989
Jorgen Munck Engineering 2015
Patrick J Murphy Operations 2007
Michael A Murray Integrated Logistics Spt 2014
Cam Naguchi Engineering
Claude Neau Quality Assurance 2006
Helen Noski Engineering 2002
C J Notturno Lubbock Facility 2006
Jerry L Oats Lubbock Facility 2010
Thomas O'Donnell Business Development 2006
Eugene Ohman Field Support 1992
Ed Okahata Engineering 2002
Frank O'Leary Engineering
Don Olsen Lubbock Facility 2002
Eugene Olsen Quality Assurance 1993
Calvin M Olson Administration 2010
Verda(Daye) C O'Neill
John Paige Security 2016
John L Parker Lubbock Facility 2010
Allan W Peck Engineering 2009
Anita Perea Program Management 2005
Lee Perkins Engineering 1993
Ann Peteque Operations 2009
Ralph Peterson Engineering 1998
Jack Petlin Operations 2013
Dave Piatt Engineering 1992
Glenn Potts Operations 2003
Peter Pryharski Engineering 1988
James Purser Quality Assurance 2017
Glenda R Rackler Lubbock Facility 2008
John Radzyminski Program Management 2011
Dorothy F Randle Lubbock Facility 1988
Dave Randolph Operations 2007
George Ratcliff Procurement 2004
Billie W Ray Engineering 1994
Gloria S Rayburn Mississippi 1993
Margaret Remme Finance 2011
Joyce M Reynolds Lubbock Facility 1994
Bob Rinebold Engineering
Jon Rock Integrated Logistics Spt 2009
Olivia Rodriquez Lubbock Facility 1999
Charles E Rogers Lubbock Facility 1994
Robert Romero Integrated Logistics Spt 1998
Charles Romo Engineering 1963
Marion S Rose Advanced Programs
Leonard Rosenblum Engineering 1995
Douglas Ross Lubbock Facility 1983
Martin Rubin Operations 2012
Milton Ruderman Engineering 2017
Lola L Ruff Lubbock Facility 2001
David Russenberger Engineering 1998
Ray Rust Quality Assurance 2012
Donald H Salyers Engineering 2005
JuDee Satterthwaite Engineering
Jack Schauerman Business Development 1998
Jerry Schiffman Program Management
Joseph Schmalhorst Business Development 1992
Dennis E Schmidt Facilities 2016
Edward Schneberger Engineering 2002
Henry J Schroeder Integrated Logistics Spt 2012
Rich Shivers Marketing 2007
Robert J Shortell Engineering 1999
Joel H Sills Program Management
John Smallis Operations 2009
Willis Smelser Engineering 2009
Kenneth Snapp Engineering 2003
Al Snowden Engineering 1979
Bernice J Snyder Finance 2010
Bob A Soucie Engineering 2000
Nick Spencer Program Management
Clayton L Spooner Reliability 2005
William Springer Operations 2004
Glinnis J Spruill Lubbock Facility 1994
Mike Stack Program Management 1998
Wilbert Stapel Operations 2001
Nelda Steadman Lubbock Facility 2009
Bernice Steckman-Silver Integrated Logistics Spt 2003
Dale Stein Engineering 1978
Ralph E Stein Mississippi 2006
Samuel Sternbach Engineering 1980
Robert X Stinson Colorado Springs 2011
Kenneth Stockhoff Engineering 2000
Vernon Story Engineering 1982
Jim Stover Operations 1993
William Strain Engineering 2006
Norlyn Stromeyer Integrated Logistics Spt 2006
Al Sutton Engineering 1996
Ralph Swanson Information Systems 2011
Michael J Sweeney Engineering 2003
Gene Sydow Engineering 2007
Laferne O Thomas Lubbock Facility 1998
Myra Thomas Reliability 2003
Dorothy F Tinnin Lubbock Facility 1983
Joseph M Tobin Lubbock Facility 1992
Karnick Tokatlian Engineering 2013
Mark Trickley Engineering
Bill Truitt Program Management
Janet Turetsky Engineering 1980
Annie Underwood Lubbock Facility 2006
Verlyn Unruh Engineering 2007
Peter Van Sickle Engineering 2004
Max Vanderhorck Engineering 1994
Paul Vang Engineering 1983
George E Venables Information Systems 2010
Evelyn M Visciglia Program Management 2004
William Wagner Administration 1996
Sidney Wald Engineering 1983
Joseph K Walendziewicz
Victor M Walker Engineering 2015
Bruce Wallace Operations 2003
Patsy R Walters (Robinson) Lubbock Facility 1985
Raymond W Ward Engineering 2007
Philip Warner Program Management 2000
Molly Watnick

Tom Webb Engineering 2003
Robert J Weibel Lubbock Facility 2001
Virginia Weir Finance 2007
Dick Wells Engineering
Gilda Wilcox Program Management 2010
Margaret A Wilkerson Lubbock Facility 2001
Clay Williams Operations 2011
Rick Williams Integrated Logistics Spt 2005
Ronald W Williams Engineering 2005
Gene Wilson Business Development 1996
Franklin J Wombold III Lubbock Facility 1995
William Wood Information Systems 1983
James Wrzesinski Business Development 1982
Stephen M Young Engineering 2017
Donald L Youngman Program Management 2008
Herb Zachary Engineering 2005

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