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Abraham, Vic Engineering 1996 Gautier, MS Yes
Adams, Charles L (Charlie) Engineering 1994 Biloxi, MS Yes
Adams, John J Engineering 2000 Newbury Park, CA Yes
Adams, Mary S (Sue) Engineering 2000 Ocean Springs, MS Yes
Aikman, Dan Operations 1994 Woodland Hills, CA Yes
Allaway, Sandie S Engineering 1990 Valencia, CA No
Allison, Jack Integrated Logistics Spt 1983 Winter Haven, FL No
Anderson, Karen N Contracts / Pricing 1999 Nipomo, CA Yes
Anderson, Lawrence R (Larry) Contracts / Pricing 1998 Fredrick, CO No
Anderson, Robert D (Duane) Administration 2000 West Hills, CA Yes
Armfield, Harry R (Dick) Quality Assurance 1996 Port Townsend, WA Yes
Arthur, Jim Contracts / Pricing 2000 Thousand Oaks, CA Yes
Artin, Soheil Engineering
Northridge, CA Yes
Ashe, Edda Program Management 1997 Lincoln, CA Yes
Ausley, Iran Engineering 2000 West Hills, CA No
Aye, Vincent C Engineering 2000 Madison, AL Yes
Bachelis, Sheila G Engineering 1998 Northridge, CA Yes
Badder, Patti Operations 1983 Minden, NV Yes
Bahrke, Walter P Engineering 2000 Torrance, CA Yes
Bailey, John L (Jack) Program Management 1995 Ocean Springs, MS No
Baker, Steve Engineering 1983 Folsom, CA No
Barham-Melendez, Sherry Colorado Springs 1994 Portland, OR Yes
Barnes, Kimberly (Kim) Human Resources 1991 Valencia, CA Yes
Barron, John S (Stew) Engineering 2000 Cedar Park, TX No
Bartulski, Barrie C Program Management 1998 Cayucos, CA No
Bastian, Charles J (Chuck) Engineering 2000 Milwaukie, OR No
Baumach, Henry A (Art) Contracts / Pricing 1979 Lompoc, CA Yes
Bell, Bruce K Engineering 2000 Moorpark, CA Yes
Bellias, Donna B Engineering 2000 Biloxi, MS No
Bergfeld, Richard (Rich) Engineering 1998 Escondido, CA Yes
Berryman, Gene Engineering 1988 Madison, AL Yes
Bertsch, Kenneth J (Ken) Engineering 1998 Brea, CA Yes
Bishop, Daniel Corporate Legal 1989 Malibu, CA No
Bodan, Richard J (Rick) Engineering 1986 Ventura, CA No
Bohler, Frank Contracts / Pricing 1988 Carlsbad, CA Yes
Bolster, John Engineering 1986 Highlands Ranch, CO Yes
Bonewitz, William (Bill) Program Management 1994 Prescott, AZ No
Boswell, Charles E (Charlie) Engineering 1994 Biloxi, MS Yes
Bowen Jr, Earl T Engineering 1999 Moorpark, CA Yes
Brewer, Richard A (Dick) Engineering 1971 Austin, TX No
Broccoli, Louis V (Lou) Engineering 1990 Thousand Oaks, CA Yes
Bronson, Clarence B (Chuck) Engineering 1999 Kaysville, UT Yes
Brooks, Morris Engineering 1999 Grove, OK No
Brown, Donald A (Don) Integrated Logistics Spt 1992 Kapolei, HI No
Brown, Gregory K (Greg) Colorado Springs 1995 Pickens, SC No
Brown, Perley Engineering 1998 Atlanta, GA Yes
Brunsell, Ron Facilities 1999 Canyon Country, CA No
Buchholz, John Engineering 1993 Tarzana, CA Yes
Burt, Thomas T (Tom) Quality Assurance 1998 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Burton (Vitolo), Kimberly Engineering 1995 Canyon Country, CA Yes
Bush, Jan Business Development 2000 Woodbridge, VA No
Cain, Morris (Morrie) Engineering 2000 Thousand Oaks, CA No
Calagias, Stratis Engineering 1990 Panorama City, CA Yes
Camblin, Paul E Administration 1994 Woodland Hills, CA Yes
Chandler, Paul Program Management 2000 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Chaney, Dave Engineering 1993 Moorpark, CA No
Chen, Michael Engineering 1997 Oak Park, CA Yes
Chu, Lishin (Larry) Engineering 1998 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Clark, Duane Engineering 2000 Aliso Viejo, CA No
Cole, Edgar M (Tony) Reliability 1973 Riverside, CA No
Cole, William R (Bill) Finance 2000 Thousand Oaks, CA No
Collatos, Nick Operations 2000 West Hills, CA Yes
Collins, Frank C Engineering 1999 West Hills, CA Yes
Conrad, Albert (Al) Engineering 1983 Newbury Park, CA Yes
Constantin, Nicholas G (Nick) Engineering 1997 Granada Hills, CA Yes
Conway, Jack Engineering 2000 Reseda, CA Yes
Conway, Patricia (Pat) Engineering 2000 Reseda, CA No
Coolidge, Henry T (Hank) Engineering 1997 Gulfport, MS Yes
Dacher, Sanford (Sandy) Finance 1994 Van Nuys, CA Yes
Davidson, Dee Finance 2000 Redondo Beach, CA Yes
Dawson, Tom Marketing 1983 Coronado, CA Yes
de Gyarfas, Victor Engineering 1985 Hermosa Beach, CA Yes
Dean, Neil Operations 1996
Deveau, John Integrated Logistics Spt 1992 Scottsdale, AZ Yes
Dinneen, Terry Finance 1995 Fountain Valley, CA No
Dittman, David (Dave) Finance 1989 Moorpark, CA No
Dixon, Susan Engineering 2000 Thousand Oaks, CA No
Dodge, Sharon Colorado Springs 1995 Ilion, NY No
Doudian, Edward (Edy) Engineering 1995 Burbank, CA Yes
Doudian, Zarouhi (Z) Engineering 2000 Burbank, CA Yes
Dribin, Lee Corporate Legal 1981 Palm Desert, CA No
Driscoll, Robert E (Bob) Engineering 1979 Woodland Hills, CA Yes
Dufek, Elizabeth L (Liz) Information Systems 1989 Cathlamet, WA Yes
Dybas, Mary Ann Administration 1999 Van Nuys, CA No
Ekmanian, Dikran J (Dick) Reliability 1994 Granada Hills, CA Yes
Elbert, James M (Mike) Integrated Logistics Spt 1982 Camarillo, CA Yes
Emory, James W (Jim) Business Development 1999 Hampton, VA Yes
Erickson, Fred Engineering 2000 Agoura Hills, CA No
Eriksen, Dennis Engineering 1979 West Hills, CA Yes
Essigmann (Doherty), Kathleen (Kathy) Marketing 2000 Woburn, MA Yes

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