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Ferrari (Wong), Andriette (Andi) Finance 1998 Tehachapi, CA No
Fifer, Doug Integrated Logistics Spt 1990 Hayden Lake, ID Yes
Fish, Gordon Integrated Logistics Spt 1985 Sandpoint, ID No
Fleck (Snijdewind), Christy Administration 1992 Westlake Village, CA Yes
Flowers, William D (Bill) Engineering 2000 Moss Point, MS No
Fortney, James T (Jim) Information Systems 1998 Prescott, AZ Yes
Fowler (Olsen), Candace (Candy) Engineering 2000 Oxnard, CA No
Fox, Robert I (Bob) Engineering 2000 Porter Ranch, CA Yes
Frederick, Dale Engineering 2000 Northridge, CA No
Fredericks(Humphrey), Theresa (Terri) Operations 1992 Santa Clarita, CA No
Friedman, Janet (Jan) Contracts / Pricing 1999 Los Angeles, CA Yes
Friedman, Linda S Engineering 2000 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Friedman, Mark R Engineering 1999 Northridge, CA No
Fundak, Frank J Engineering 1987 Vista, CA No
Gageby, Jack Engineering 1998 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Ganz, Harvey Program Management 1998 Los Angeles, CA No
Gaona, Rich Operations 1995 Colorado Springs, CO No
Garcia, Anthony J (Tony) Program Management 2000 Covina, CA No
Gates, Neal D Engineering 1999 Pasadena, CA Yes
Gentry, Mark O Business Development 1987 Fillmore, CA Yes
George, Richard (Dick) Engineering 2000 Woodland Hills, CA Yes
German, Jerry R Business Development 2000 Chatsworth, CA Yes
Gershon, Nancy Operations 1998 Chatsworth, CA No
Gilliland, Trudy Contracts / Pricing 2000 Moorpark, CA Yes
Gillmann, Harold E Corporate Legal 1974 Woodland Hills, CA No
Gonzales, Sabina Administration 1999 Tarzana, CA Yes
Gonzalez, Theresa (Terry) Operations 1997 Northridge, CA No
Goodman, Roger M Engineering 1999 Los Angeles, CA Yes
Grab, William V Engineering 1998 Melrose, FL No
Grable, D S (Scott) Facilities 1999 Santa Clarita, CA Yes
Green, John S (Steve) Engineering 2000 Northridge, CA No
Green, Susan (Sue) Information Systems 2000 Van Nuys, CA No
Greer (Tomassetti), Corinne Operations 1993 Colorado Springs, CO Yes
Gremer, Charles E (Chuck) Program Management 1987 West Hills, CA No
Griff, John P (Jack) Business Development 2000 Alexandria, VA Yes
Grinberg, Hanna Engineering 1998 Los Angeles, CA Yes
Gwyn, Lee Program Management 1984 Malibu, CA Yes
Haas, Bernard L (Bernie) Engineering 1993 Las Vegas, NV Yes
Hacopian, Vahe Program Management 1999 Glendale, CA No
Hagans, Lamont G Engineering 1998 Columbia, MD Yes
Halamandaris, Harry (H-Square) Litton Industries
San Clemente, CA No
Hall Sr, Robert G Colorado Springs 1994 Colorado Springs, CO Yes
Hamby, Dennis W (Den) Administration 1978 Thousand Oaks, CA Yes
Hamilton, Elizabeth (Bet) Operations 2000 Chatsworth, CA Yes
Hammond, Jr, Kent A Program Management 1999 Imperial Beach, CA Yes
Hanley, Karen Engineering 1999 Granada Hills, CA Yes
Harding, Jack Engineering 1991 Westlake Village, CA Yes
Harralson, David Engineering 1978 Hollywood, CA Yes
Harris, Ann-Charlotte M Operations 1998 Pt Hueneme, CA Yes
Harrison, J M (Mark) Administration 2000 Leesburg, VA No
Hart, Samuel L Engineering 1981 Woodland Hills, CA No
Harte, Stuart (Stu) Engineering 2000 Thousand Oaks, CA Yes
Hayashi, Shig Information Systems 2000 Oak Park, CA No
Henderson, Joanne Administration 2000 Van Nuys, CA Yes
Herr, Dwight R Engineering 2000 Northridge, CA Yes
Heteniak, Susan Quality Assurance 1999 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Hingle, Geoffrey C (Geoff) Engineering 1997 Mandeville, LA Yes
Hoff, Alan M (Al) Engineering 2000 Camarillo, CA No
Hoffritz, Kurt M Engineering 1998 Slidell, LA Yes
Hojem, John C Contracts / Pricing 1997 Hattiesburg, MS No
Hoke, Sydney L (Lawrence) Finance 1991 Woodland Hills, CA Yes
Hopenfeld, Roslaind (Roz) Engineering 1971 Rockville, MD Yes
Hopkins, June S Engineering 1995 Santa Paula, CA Yes
Howell, Jerry W Engineering 1997 Pascagoula, MS No
Hruby, Roger W Engineering 1998 Nortnridge, CA Yes
Huffman, Christina D (Chris) Engineering 2000 Port Angeles, WA Yes
Hughes, Steven Finance 1991 Windsor, CA No
Humes, Jack T Engineering 1999 Whitesboro, TX Yes
Humeston, James H (Jim) Integrated Logistics Spt 1982 Bend, OR Yes
Humphries, Rebecca J (Becky) Engineering 2000 Oroville, CA Yes
Isaac, Joyce Human Resources 2000 Agoura Hills, CA Yes
Isbell, Cletus H (Clete) Engineering 1996 Gilroy, CA No
Jacobs, Mark Engineering 2000 Simi Valley, CA No
Jaeger, Dennis Engineering 1996 Chandler, AZ Yes
Jankalns, Ilmar V (Al) Integrated Logistics Spt 2000 Granada Hills, CA No
Jansen, Francis J (Fran) Engineering 1998 Oxnard, CA Yes
Janssen, Patricia (Pat) Engineering 2000 Reseda, CA Yes
Jasper, John S Engineering 1982 Athens, AL No
Jaszkowiak, Robert L (Jaszz) Engineering 1994 West Hills, CA Yes
Jensen, Jimmie P Engineering 1990 West Hollywood, CA Yes
Jernow, Jean M Engineering 2000 Indian Wells, CA Yes
Johnson (Smallberg), Donna Engineering 1994 Plano, TX No
Johnson, Robert J (BJ) Engineering 1995 Castaic, CA Yes
Jones, John H Product Assurance 1994 West Hills, CA Yes
Justis (Davis), Claudia J Engineering 1982 Port Towsend, WA Yes
Kaminsky (Showman), Pixie Human Resources 1989 Santa Clarita, CA No
Kaminsky, Gary Operations 1992 Santa Clarita, CA Yes
Kato, Owen Quality Assurance 2000 Northridge, CA Yes
Katz, Sidney G (Sid) Engineering 1988 Roseville, CA Yes
Kawachi, Ronald Engineering 1966 Los Angeles, CA No
Kelly Jr, Louis G Administration 2000 La Jolla, CA Yes
Kennelly, John D Engineering 1997 La Crescenta, CA Yes
Kesler, Sam M Operations 1981 Calabasas, CA Yes
Kessler, Ronald Engineering 1997 Riverside, CA Yes
Kibler, Dwight Engineering 2000 Charlottesville, VA No
Kindlimann, Carol Administration 2000 Agoura Hills, CA Yes
King, Clarence T (Ted) Engineering 1997 Olympia, WA Yes
Kirby, Tammy A Operations 1987 Folsom, CA Yes
Klostermann, Raymond W (Ray) Engineering 2000 Tarzana, CA Yes
Knapp, Reva Integrated Logistics Spt 1994 Tucson, AZ Yes
Knapp-Cahn, Debbie ? 2000 Oro Valley, AZ No
Kogen, Mark Information Systems 1984 Lawndale, CA Yes
Kotnik, Andy Quality Assurance 1992 Mission Viejo, CA No
Kranzler, Richard D Integrated Logistics Spt 2000 Henderson, NE No
Kurowski, Ed Quality Assurance 1991 Chatsworth, CA No
Kushida, Albert H (Al) Engineering 1999 Northridge, CA No
Lambert, Larry G Facilities 1998 West Fargo, ND Yes
LaPelusa, Christy A Engineering 1993 Reno, NV Yes
Laugesen, Ron Engineering 1967 Los Gatos, CA Yes
Lavengood, Pat Procurement 1988 Rockville, MD No
Lawrence, Mathew Information Systems 1987 Martinez, CA Yes
Laydon, Todd Quality Assurance 1996 Iron Mountain, MI No
Le, Philip Engineering 1998 Tarzana, CA No
Leatham, Jill Engineering 1991 Henderson, NV No
Legan, Bonnie J Administration 1995 Naples, FL Yes
Levy, Amnon Program Management 2000 Agoura Hills, CA Yes
Lierman, Jean Program Management 2000 McMinville, OR No
Lisle, Armond (Bud) Finance 1990 Indian Wells, CA Yes
Loney, James E Operations 1996 Santa Clarita, CA No
Lumley, Ronald J (Ron) Operations 1993 Escondido, CA No
Luz, Anthony (Tony) Operations 2000 Las Vegas, NV No

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