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Mallaley, Gary L Engineering 2000 Thousand Oaks, CA No
Mallon, Marvin Engineering 1967 West Hills, CA No
Manahan, Jay B Engineering 2000 Lompoc, CA No
Mann, Jimmy D Operations 1983 Lubbock, TX Yes
Mansfield, Jerry Engineering 2000 Oceanside, CA No
Maphis, Rita Engineering 1999 Saugus, CA No
Marchione, Vito J Engineering 1983 Panorama City, CA Yes
Marcus, Michael (Mike) Marketing 2000 Northridge, CA Yes
Marino, Dale W Information Systems 2000 Canyon Country, CA No
Markowitz, Mike Engineering 1983 Agoura Hills, CA Yes
Martinez, Sandy Finance 2000 North Hills, CA Yes
Mauriello, Ralph Engineering 2000 Moorpark, CA Yes
McConville, Matthew (Matt) Contracts / Pricing 2000 Oxnard, CA No
McCurdy, Robert S (Bob) Finance 1985 Sun City West, AZ No
McFadden, John K (Johnny Mac) Engineering 1999 Roseville, CA Yes
McLaughlin, Robert (Bob) Finance 1997 Rockford, IL No
Meggerson Jr, Leon Engineering 1994 San Pedro, CA Yes
Mendow, Robert Engineering 2000 Woodland Hills, CA Yes
Menor (Williams), Mari Lubbock Facility 1974 Rye, CO Yes
Merritt, Kent G Engineering 1986 Sunnyvale, CA No
Messier, Thomas (Tom) Operations 1994 Colorado Springs, CO Yes
Miller, Al (Dr Al) Business Development 2000 Los Angeles, CA No
Miller, George Program Management 1996 West Hills, CA Yes
Miller, Teresa M Finance 1996 Saugus, CA No
Milligan, Danny Information Systems 1996 Simi Valley, CA No
Mitchell, Dr Charles C (Mitch) Engineering 2000 Valencia, CA No
Mondocea, Cornel Engineering 1997 Salinas, CA Yes
Montgomery, Eugene P (Gene) Engineering 2000 Sylmar, CA No
Mook, David Integrated Logistics Spt 1999 Newbury Park, CA Yes
Morales, Pat Engineering 2000 Chino, CA Yes
Morgan, Barbara Business Development 2000 Thousand Oaks, CA No
Morgan, Douglas W (Doug) Engineering 2000 Thousand Oaks, CA No
Moscoso, Deborah D Engineering 2000 Woodland Hills, CA Yes
Moy, Stuart Engineering 1999 Boyds, MD Yes
Muller, Jenny Engineering 1993 Chatsworth, CA Yes
Murillo (Henton), Florine Program Management 1999 Ramona, CA No
Murphy, Patrick A Engineering 2000 Vista, CA Yes
Mutaw, Dorothy L (Dottie) Administration 2000 Van Nuys, CA Yes
Natt, Gagan Engineering 1997 Simi Valley, CA No
Nenno, Clay Engineering 2000 Torrance, CA Yes
Neugroschl, Scott Engineering 2000 West Hills, CA No
Neuwirth, Tonie Operations 2000 Los Angeles, CA Yes
Nishimoto, Kaoru R (Ron) Engineering 1997 Santa Clarita, CA Yes
Norsell, Paul E Engineering 1969 Grass Valley, CA Yes
Obright, Neil Advanced Programs 1984 Olivenhain, CA Yes
Oetzell, Walter A (Walt) Engineering 1991 Northridge, CA No
Ogden, Eugene P (Gene) Integrated Logistics Spt 1979 Thousand Oaks, CA Yes
Olson, Donald B (Don) Operations 1998 Coden, AL Yes
O'Neill, Frank J Administration 1984 Sun City, CA Yes
Osborn, Ned Integrated Logistics Spt 1998 Conshohocken, PA No
Pafort, Christopher M Business Development 1991 Sea Isle City, NJ Yes
Paige, John Facilities 1999 Summerville, SC No
Palmisano, Anthony (Tony) Engineering 1994 West Hills, CA Yes
Palyo, Sarah Administration 2000 Henderson, NV No
Panetta, Max A Engineering 1991 Damascus, OR No
Parmett, Robert P (Bob) Contracts / Pricing 1994 Palm Desert, CA Yes
Pascoe, Thomas S (Tom) Engineering 1994 Agoura Hills, CA Yes
Patterson, Thomas S Finance 1986 Oak Park, CA Yes
Paul, Gerald G (Gerry) Engineering 1993 Sequim, WA No
Payne, Wayne H Finance 2000 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Peabody, Tom Engineering 2000 Granada Hills, CA No
* Pearlman, Jack Engineering 1994 West Hills, CA No
Pecson, Nelson C Integrated Logistics Spt 1997 Moorpark, CA No
Pelka, Lesley Finance 1999 West Hills, CA No
Perkins, Susan (Sue) Operations 2000 Canoga Park, CA No
Petree, Don Engineering 1995 Nipomo, CA Yes
Pilkinton, Lawrence (Larry) Lubbock Facility 1983 Austin, TX Yes
Pinkham, Philip Engineering 1999 West Hills, CA No
Poe, Gerald (Gerry) Engineering 1987 Canyon Country, CA No
Porter, Donald J (Don) Engineering 2000 Ventura, CA No
Powers, Allen Administration 1999 Woodland Hills, CA Yes
Prather, Alice J Engineering 1998 Lancaster, CA No
Preiser, Sharon Finance 2000 Oxnard, CA Yes
Price, John G Engineering 1994 Granada Hills, CA No
Quick, Paul T Information Systems 1996 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Radford, Joe Business Development 1992 W Los Angeles, CA No
Ranstrom, Gene Engineering 1994 Panorama City, CA No
Reed (Kell/Powers/Barnes), Linda Marketing 1999 Pahrump, NV Yes
Reese, Duane Quality Assurance 2000 Lititz, PA Yes
Rhodes, James P Engineering 1998 Valencia, CA Yes
Rice, Henry T (Hank) Quality Assurance 2000 Woodland Hills, CA Yes
Richins, Richard (Rich) Finance 2000 Simi Valley, CA No
Richwine, Charles B (Chuck) Integrated Logistics Spt 1993 Newbury Park, CA No
Roberts, Mel Engineering 1981 Encino, CA No
Roberts, William (Ray) Engineering 1997 Biloxi, MS Yes
Roche, Edwin G (Ed) Administration 1994 Woodland Hills, CA No
Rodwig, John Engineering 2000 Woodland Hills, CA Yes
Roome, Richard W (Rick) Engineering 1999 Simi Valley, CA No
Rothgeb, Dione L Engineering 1990 Chesapeake, VA Yes
Russell, Albert P (Al) Finance
Apache Junction, AZ No
Russell, Bill Engineering 1974 Santa Barbara, CA No
Russenberger, Deborah Engineering 1991 Thousand Oaks, CA Yes

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