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Sacks, Steve Operations 2000 Newbury Park, CA No
Sager, Michael T (Mike) Information Systems 1990 Vallejo, CA Yes
Salisbury, Larry Information Systems 1998 Oxnard, CA Yes
Sandler, Ronald W (Ron) Quality Assurance 1980 Las Vegas, NV No
Sapir, Sid Engineering 1997 Westlake Village, CA No
Sarkissian, Sahak M Engineering 1997 Glendale, CA Yes
Satterthwaite, Garl M Engineering 1998 Moorpark, CA Yes
Schauerman, Peggy (Wife of Jack)
Westlake Village, CA No
Schenk, Clifford R (Randy) Engineering 1999 Pasadena, CA Yes
Schneider, Carl J Rapid Development 2000 Madison, AL Yes
Schroeder, Stanley (Stan) Engineering 1994 Winnetka, CA No
Sclimenti, James C (Jim) Engineering 2000 Dammeron Valley, UT No
Sears, Floyd Engineering 1994 Ocean Springs, MS Yes
Sebree, Michael Engineering 1987 Mountain View, CA Yes
Seckar, Thomas J (Tom) Engineering 2000 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Seid, Barry Engineering 1998 Santa Monica, CA Yes
Seitz, Robert C (Bob) Program Management 1979 Calabasas, CA Yes
Sheerin, Julie Quality Assurance 1999 Westlake Village, CA Yes
Sherrill, Bobby J (Bob) Engineering 1994 Canyon Country, CA No
Sherwood, Blair Mississippi 2000 Gulf Breeze, FL Yes
Shifflett, David M Rapid Development 1999 Ramstein AFB, GE Yes
Shimasaki, Steven K Engineering 2000 Los Angeles, CA Yes
Shipley, Donn Business Development 1996 Thousand Oaks, CA No
Shore, Harvey Engineering 1984 West Hills, CA Yes
Sickinger, Sherry M Operations 1996 Tyngsboro, MA Yes
Siegel, Gloria Engineering 1994 Canoga Park, CA Yes
Sikes, Gilmore L (Gil) Engineering 1985 Mannford, OK No
Simcoe, Scott Engineering 1999 Calabasas, CA No
Siminski, Kevin Engineering 1998 Thousand Oaks, CA Yes
Smalarz, Frank Program Management 2000 Oak Park, CA No
Smith, J L Engineering 1991 Mandeville, LA Yes
Smith, James E (Jim) Administration 2000 West Hills, CA No
Smith, Jeanie Engineering 2000 Santa Clarita, CA No
Smith, Paul Marketing 2000 Agoura, CA Yes
Somerville, Doug Engineering 2000 Ocean Springs, MS Yes
* Sorce Smith, Donna Administration 1999 Las Vegas, NV No
Souleles, Victor (Vic) Program Management 1994 Apple Valley, CA No
Spaulding, Kenneth W Engineering 1995 Melbourne, FL Yes
Speed, Vincent E (Vince) Operations 1990 Homosassa, FL No
Speier, Steve Information Systems 1988 Woodland Hills, CA Yes
Stallworth, Ruby Information Systems 2000 Lakeview Terrace, CA No
Statham, Philip (Phil) Engineering 1974 Canoga Park, CA Yes
Stein, Loretta J (Jean) Operations 1998 Roseburg, OR No
Stern, Lynn Engineering 1996 Roswell, GA Yes
Streiff, Marv Operations 2000 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Suhr, Jeannette T (Jan) Human Resources 1995 Colorado Springs, CO No
Sy, Eduardo G (Ed) Information Systems 2000 Simi Valley, CA No
Tanger, Jane A Engineering 1998 Northridge, CA Yes
Taylor, Bonnie J (Bonny) Operations 2000 Granada Hills, CA No
Taylor, Cindy Operations 1994 Falcon, CO Yes
Taylor, James Operations 1995 Colorado Springs, CO No
Telese, Rocco J (Roc) Engineering 1997 Saugus, CA No
Thommen (Compton), Laura C Engineering 1986 Agoura Hills, CA Yes
Thommen, Peter (Pete) Engineering 1990 Agoura Hills, CA Yes
Thompson, Arthur D Engineering 1999 Thousand Oaks, CA Yes
Thomsen, Leonard (Lenny) Engineering 2000 Incline Village, NV No
Thomson (King-Hobbs), Tina Engineering 2000 Thousand Oaks, CA No
Thornton, Kristine Finance 2000 Encino, CA Yes
Townsend, Thane Engineering 1990 Valencia, CA Yes
Valentine, Quwatha (Wassie) Engineering 1999 Las Vegas, NV No
Vallas, Daniel J (Dan) Engineering 2000 Thousand Oaks, CA Yes
Vaughan, Marion Integrated Logistics Spt 1998 Canyon Country, CA No
Vu, Catherine H (Cathy) Engineering 1999 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Wagner, Roger A Engineering 1986 Los Angeles, CA No
Walker, John Engineering 2000 Ocean Springs, MS Yes
Wallace, Paul Engineering 1994 Salem, OR No
Ward (Hight), Virginia (Ginny) Procurement 2000 Granada Hills, CA No
Waters (Marquez), Jeanne A Procurement 1994 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Watkins, Ronald (Ron) Engineering 1999 Northridge, CA Yes
Wegerer, Waren Engineering 2000 Westlake Village, CA No
Weiss, Mark A Engineering 1968 Woodland Hills, CA No
Welch, Joy Engineering 2000 Granada Hills, CA Yes
Welp, Anastasia (Ann) Engineering 1996 Thousand Oaks, CA Yes
White, David Administration 1999 Simi Valley, CA Yes
White, Ward C Marketing 1975 Simi Valley, CA Yes
Whitman, James L (Jim) Engineering 2000 Newbury Park, CA No
Wilensky, Robert A (Bob) Quality Assurance 2000 Charlottesville, VA Yes
Williams, David L Engineering 1976 Surprise, AZ Yes
Williams, Joanne Human Resources 1991 San Luis Obispo, CA Yes
Williams, John Engineering 2000 Oceanside, CA No
Wilmers, Frederick J (Fred) Business Development 1980 Inverness, IL No
Wilson, Ralph W Engineering 2000 Camarillo, CA Yes
Wilson, Shawna Information Systems 1997 Thousand Oaks, CA No
Windland, Hugh E Marketing 2000 Friendship, MD Yes
Wolf, Norma Business Development 2000 Newbury Park, CA No
Woodward, Beverly (Bev) Administration 1999 North Hills, CA Yes
Wortendyke, Sally Information Systems 1999 Bakersfield, CA No
Wren (Leist), Debra Program Management 1992 Virginia Beach, VA Yes
Wren, Michael (Mike) Integrated Logistics Spt 2000 Virginia Beach, VA Yes

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