Bernard (Bernie) Cooper (1934 - 2013)

1934-Feb 21, 2013

A native of Pittsburgh, Bernie arrived in Los Angeles in his 20s. Being a smart man, he decided that being cold was for the birds, and never went back. His parents and sister and brother in law followed him to Southern California. He enjoyed a successful career as an aerospace engineer.

A true Renaissance man, he enjoyed painting, gardening, sculpting...he could fix pratically anything, and was often asked for help from family and friends. Being busy was Bernie's relxation. A dedicated marathon runner well into his 50s, he didn't let any injury sideline him. He later took up bicycling on a recumbent style bike, and completed numerous trips from San Francisco to Simi Valley in his 70s. He was in better physical condition than men half his age.

He had an active retirment, going with his wife to China, the Panama Canal, Australia, and Israel, to name a few. He donated his time to the community including serving as a Big Brother, fixing up homes for the elderly, and helping prepare taxes for those who couldn't afford an accountant.

His family and friends were his first priority. All anyone had to do was ask for help, and he would be there for them. He is survived by his wife Donna, his children Robin, Stefanie, Greg, Laura, and John, his sister Evelyn, and his grandchildren Alex, Taylor, Mandy, and Sam. He will be missed by his family and many friends.

There is a rememberance page for Bernie on the DSD Reunion BLOG.