This Site is Dedicated to Maintaining Relationships

This Website is designed to offer past employees of Litton Data Systems (DSD) an opportunity to stay in touch with each other. This goal is facilitated in two ways.


We maintain a data base of Names, Email Addresses, and other contact information that is available to assist old friends in locating each other. In general terms, this is how it operates.

Individuals who have completed the on-line Registration Form (see Link below) will be listed on the MEMBERS page. If you have registered but your name is not listed within a few days, or your name is listed and then disappears, it indicates that we did not receive your registration or the eMail address you supplied is not accepting mail. We need you to Register again.

Contact with Registered members is facilitated in two ways. Members with public eMail addresses are listed on the MEMBERS Page with an automated link to their address. Other Members can be contacted by submitting a Request for Contact also available at the top of the MEMBERS Page . The request will contain the sender's name and email address and will be forwarded to the requested individual so they may respond IF THEY SO DESIRE. Obviously, a response is not guaranteed and a maximum of two requests will be submitted to an individual from any one member.

When completing the Request for Contact automated email link, the only requirement is that you supply the Name of the individual with whom you wish to make contact. Including additional explanatory comments that will be forwarded on to that individual are often helpful. Only requests from Registered Members will be processed.


Former employees of DSD who have Registered will also be added to the DSD REUNION ANNOUNCEMENTS LIST. This eMail list is used to distribute information of interest to the group.

Registered members may also register on the DSD REUNION BLOG and post items on their own. Registration on this site is required before you can register on the BLOG. A link to the BLOG is available at the left. Instructions on BLOG use can be found under the ABOUT tab on the BLOG.

NOTE: Early participants on the site may be registered on the DSD REUNION REFLECTOR instead of on the ANNOUNCEMENTS LIST. Individuals on the REFLECTOR are able to post directly to the membership. [NOTE: Members who are inactive on the Reflector for an extended period may be migrated to the Announcemnets List for list size reasons.]

This Website, BLOG, and eMail lists are a non-commercial effort supported by Jim Fortney on an as time allows basis. If you have information that you would like posted on the Web Page, please send the details to Jim. He will review the information as soon as he can and either post it or contact you to discuss the appropriate handling. Please remember this is a volunteer effort and he may not get back to you immediately.


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Page last revised: September 9, 2013