NOTE: The eMail Reflector is closed to new membership and all newly registered members (or members with new eMail addresses) are automatically placed on the ANNOUNCEMENTS LIST. All members may register for the BLOG where items of general interest can be posted. The information below only applies to legacy members still on the Reflector. Reflector membership is shown on the Membership Lists.


An eMail Reflector is an automated way of distributing an email message to a selected set of recipients without having to know all of their addresses. Group Reflectors are used extensively by organizations to send mail to their membership. There are several examples of commercial companies that operate Reflectors for the public, unfortunately they also collect and sell your private information or bombard you with advertising.


The DSD Reflector is a private system operated strictly for prior DSD employees who have registered and requested to participate. It is Moderated by Jim Fortney and does not make use of public servers. There is no advertising.


A few prior DSD employees who were maintaing contact via email recognized that with the sale of the company many of the opportunities to stay in touch with old friends would no longer be available. The old DSD and ISD email addresses would go away and there would no longer be any retirement parties and holiday lunches. The DSD Employee Reunion Webpage and Reflector were started to help fill this void.


The Rules are simple:

1. You must Register and supply at least your Full Name, eMail Address, and City-State. The additional information requested is to help determine that you qualify for inclusion in the group. The optional street address and telephone information is so we may stay in contact with you should your email address stop working.

2. You must have worked at Litton DSD at some time. We will take your word until we learn otherwise. Your Reflector access may be restricted if there are questions.

3. Reflector messages will only be accepted from Registered email accounts and will include the account name in the distributed message.

4. Reflector messages should be limited to subjects that will be of interest to multiple individuals. Introductory messages telling about what you have been doing and listing activities you participate in are automatically considered of interest.

5. There is to be no commercial content to messages and signatures may only list basic business information (name, address, telephone). If you have a business with an electronic presence, upon request I will provide a link to your site on the Links Page.

6. Personal For Sale messages are allowed but should be limited to no more often than once per month per individual.

7. The Reflector is not a place to distribute your daily joke or religious verse, and virus warnings will normally be frowned upon unless specifically affecting the Reflector. All reports should be pre-verified with either Norton or McAfee. Special exceptions are possible, but it is normally best to verify with the Moderator first.

8. Personal attacks are not allowed. This is a place to have friendly discussions and offer constructive suggestions. If you have negative comments to make, keep them factual.

9. There will be no foul language.

The volume on this remailer will depend upon how much we make use of it, but hot topics could produce a higher volume of email.

Registered individuals who do not elect to participate on the Reflector will be kept informed of DSD Reunion activities through an Announcements ONLY eMail List.

If you have any questions about the Website or Reflector, send an email note to Jim Fortney by clicking on his name.


Page last revised: June 26, 2012