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Barrie has provided the following information about what he is doing to keep busy. A link to his “The Red Schwinn Bicycle” website has been on the Links of Interest page on the DSD Reunion Website for some time. This posting on the BLOG will allow you to comment on his efforts. Don’t you have something to share with the group? Start your own topic.

After much success with his first book “The Red Schwinn Bicycle” in 2007, Cayucos, California author has completed his second book titled: “WHERE THE HELL IS TURTLE CREEK? A Memoir of Days Gone By.

The book through its fourteen stories describes life in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, located near Pittsburgh in the 1940’s and 50’s. However, it could be a reflection of any other small town in the United States during this time and even today!

The book describes an age of innocence children and the plight and hard times their depression and post World War II parents, and many other individuals had to endure, when the mills shut down and there was little or no work. It also identifies the fine Catholic and Public School institutions in place, the discipline measures in effect and how the Sisters and teachers were respected. Read about the children and adults of different ethnicities and religions and how they interacted socially, with one another and without the need for special government social programs. Go into a confessional booth with a young Catholic boy and try to understand his anxiety as he is about to talk with a priest, or feel his fears, as he is placed into a cloakroom for a good paddling. Then play some of the exciting games taking place in the schoolyard and join in an ethnic food feast, as the children sample one another’s lunches. Read about those who went off to war, some never to return home again and those who went on to distinguished careers. Lastly, gain some insight into the social activities going on inside and outside of Pinky’s Poolroom.

Using the following information the book can be ordered from the publisher iUniverse, Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Anyone with iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Amazon, Sony Reader, Kindle Fire and Nook platforms etc. can also access the e-book format.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-4109-1 Soft Cover
ISBN: 978-1-4620-4111-4 Hard Cover
ISBN: 978-1-4620-4110-7 e-book

Barrie has started on a forthcoming suspenseful novel titled “The Zealots”. A story about a high tech corporation, Guidance Development Inc., with headquarters located in Calabasas, California. All is going well and business is extremely good, until fraud and malfeasance is uncovered. The unauthorized removal of a “characterized” or best of the lot tested Gyroscope, from a government bonded store room is discovered. This gyroscope is now suspect in an armed and deadly confrontation between an Iranian submarine and United States aircraft carrier. World peace is at stake, threats of nuclear retaliation and Saber rattling coming from Russia, Syria and Iraq all friendly to Iran is not helping the situation.

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