Routine updates occur on a continuing basis.
Significant Site changes are listed below.

August 23, 2014
Additional articles featuring two of our members have been added. The article about Tom Fritz designing postage stamps has been added to the LINKS - Miscellaneous page, and Fred Wilmers has provided personal notes and pictures of the Acquisition of Saudi Arabia Air Defense Program process.

September 25, 2013
The West San Fernando Valley Breakfast group has moved to the Coco's in Canoga Park. See the updated information on the INFORMAL GATHERINGS page.

November 17, 2012
A picture of the team delivering Tacfire Production #1 in approximately 1981 has been added to the ARCHIVES - PICTURES page. Remember, if you have items that you would like to share, you can now do so on the BLOG once you have registered. See Menu at left.
Don't miss the Litton Industries Holiday Lunch for 2012 on the INFORMAL GATHERINGS page.

June 23, 2012
All new registrants are now added to the ANNOUNCEMENTS List by default. The REFLECTOR is now closed to new members. Members wishing to post information for the general membership can either use the BLOG if the information is public, or send it to the Webmaster if they wish to restrict distribution to the membership.

May 17, 2011
Added picture of early Litton engineers working on one of the first projects that spawned DSD to the ARCHIVES - PICTURES page. Photo courtesy of Marv Mallon.

April 23, 2011
A BLOG has been added to the site to facilitate sharing between members. It can be accessed from the Main Menu. You need to register there if you want to post or add comments. See ABOUT tab for instructions.

December 8, 2010
A special PowerPoint Show of the 2010 Litton Joint Division Holiday Lunch held today in Canoga Park, CA has been added to the ARCHIVES Pictures page. Photography by Mike Marcus.

November 30, 2010
Thanks again to Mike Marcus we've begun to add some outstanding art work from old DSD Marketing campaigns. Let us know if you enjoy the color.

November 9, 2010
Thanks to Mike Marcus we've added some excellent pictures of "Executives Over The Years". Check out the ARCHIVES Pictures page.

October 22, 2010
Don't miss the update to the Informal Gatherings page. Details for the 2010 Annual Litton Industries (West Coast) Holiday Lunch have been added. The ARCHIVES are continuing to slowly grow.

July 7, 2010
The ARCHIVES have been enhanced with a few additional items. Ward White was able to identify all of the individuals in the 1964 Management Development Class picture and we have added another Fritz Original of Danny Milligan. A DOCUMENT category has been added and for starters we have some early Division Information Bulletins and the MTDS Coloring Book (Note: this is a large file). Click on ARCHIVES in the Menu and explore.

May 25, 2010
A few of the old Information Systems staff gathered for a Reunion Dinner at the home of Jennifer Chen. They have shared some pictures which have been added to the ARCHIVES - PICTURES page.

October 24, 2009
After a period of delayed updates while your Webmaster had a new hip installed, the listings are all current again. Don't miss the updates to the Informal Gatherings page. Details for the 2009 Annual Litton Industries (West Coast) Holiday Lunch have been added.

October 8, 2008
Don't miss the updates to the Informal Gatherings page. Biloxi is on the map again and the details for the Annual Litton Industries (West Coast) Holiday Lunch have been added.

February 17, 2008
Finally got around to posting a picture of the TAOM 1 delivery to California given to me by Ray Ward's family at the time of his death. I need some help filling in the blanks. If you recognize any of the employees in the picture or can give me a little history about why the event was significant, please send me an email. I also note that I didn't get much help with labeling the Chris Huffman Retirement pictures. Maybe you can help there also.

February 14, 2008
The DSD Reunion Website has moved to a new ISP and can now be accessed at a URL of http://DSD.orgs.cc as well as the old http://www.orgs.cc/DSD/ . Thank you to those who reported broken links resulting from the re-configuration on a linux server. Please let me know if you find any more.

August 28, 2007
Along with a general update, an additional picture from 1964 has been added. Can any of you old timers tell me the names of the mystery people in the picture?

May 7, 2006
The Inmemory Pages now include links to Obituary information when it is available. The names of individuals where additional information has been supplied will appear as a clickable link. Everyone is encouraged to help by submitting any available Obituary information.

November 19, 2005
KATRINA STATUS Page removed. (Available but not updated)

September 5, 2005
A page has been added to summarize the information available on members impacted by Huricane Katrina. The KATRINA STATUS Page will be updated as we learn additional information. Status updates are also being distributed on the Discussion Reflector.

April 30, 2005
Announcement of the June 2005 Litton Lubbock Reunion Dinner was added to the INFORMAL GATHERINGS Page.

February 13, 2005
The Recent Additions Flag has been extended to indicate anyone added to the list within the past two months. This change was made so new listings can be identified without needing to check the listing as frequently. Individuals who were Lost and then re-registered are not shown as a Recent Addition.

December 5, 2004
All lists current as of today. Please re-register if changes are required. Know where any of our LOST people are?

May 4, 2003
Information on the monthly Gulf Coast ROMEO Breakfast was added to the INFORMAL GATHERINGS Page.

March 5, 2003
Announcement of the June 2003 Litton Lubbock Reunion Dinner was added to the INFORMAL GATHERINGS Page.

October 19, 2002
An INFORMAL GATHERINGS Page has been added to the site. The page lists those informal gatherings open to members of the DSD Reunion group.

October 18, 2002
A LOST MEMBERS Page has been added to the site. The page lists those individuals that registered for the DSD Reunion group but their email address is no longer functioning. Your help in re-locating these members will be appreciated.

July 27, 2002
The IN MEMORY Page is now available in two sort sequences. The traditional sort by Year of Death is the default when the page is selected. A report sorted by Name is selectable at the top of the page.

July 14, 2002
A PICTURES Page has been added to the site. The initial content will be pictures of Chris Huffman's Retirement Luncheon. Additional pictures will be added as time allows.

July 6, 2002
An eMail link is now available to send mail directly to those Members who registered indicating that their eMail address could be listed on the public Internet. These links appear as high-lighted names on the MEMBERS Page. Other Members can still be contacted by using the Contact Request link at the top of the page. Registration status can be changed by submitting a new registration with the Change Flag set to Yes.

June 30, 2002
The MEMBERS Page has now been broken into three segments to reduce the load time for those using lower speed Internet connections.

May 28, 2002
The REGISTRATION Page has been updated so you can indicate if you want your eMail address made available on the public Internet when that feature becomes available.

May 26, 2002
The OPENING, REFLECTOR, and REGISTRATION Pages have been updated to explain that members not participating on the Reflector will be included on an Announcements ONLY eMail List.

May 25, 2002
An IN MEMORY Page honoring deceased employee friends has been added to the site at the suggestion of the members. It is incomplete and your help in completing the information will be appreciated.

May 24, 2002
Registration Page revised to allow for indication of Reflector subscription decision at time of registration. The Registration Page can be used anytime to update your information and preferences.

March 23, 2002
Site open for general access and registration.

December 21, 2001
Basic site developed and announced to initial audience.